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Has caring about a cute green anime girl always been the dream of your life? 

Well congratulations! You now have the ability to purchase a brand new T-Gotchi!

Pay attention to her needs and she will be your most loyal friend!

Unlock unique endings, each better than the last! 

Remember: your choices matter! 

Have you ever felt the pain of losing a pet tamagotchi, because you forgot to give it some food? You don't want that to happen again, do you? So Feed, Wash and Talk to your T-Gotchi and don't let her die!


  • 11 supported languages
    • English
    • Korean
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Hungarian
    • Brasilian Portuguese 
    • Italian
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Polish (PC)
    • German (PC)
    • Serbian (PC)
  • A retro-styled tamagotchi experience
  • Cute gameboy-inspired color-scheme
  • Pay a visit to The Forest Of Sycamores


Coding, art and music done by me, Garage Heathen!

Translations by: 

  • RottenDeer (Korean)  Twitter:  @405errornot
  • Cristian Daniel Varo (Spanish) Twitter: @Cris_Kaiju
  • NoxiousNebula (Italian) Twitter: @NoxiousNebula
  • OnionKnight (Brasilian Portuguese) Twitter: @oniknightt
  • pppppPUZZLE (Hungarian) Twitter: @Webokoko
  • Timo: (German) Twitter: @timo3400
  • Agnieszka Kołodziej (Polish)
  • Marko "romanizat" Josifović and Radoš "rammba" Milićev  (Serbian)

Special thanks:

to Nerisuyu for testing and helping me out along the whole process of development

for playtesting the game!

and others

for making awesome gameplay videos!


Buy Now$2.49 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.49 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

T-Gotchi.apk 59 MB
t-gotchi-linux-mono.zip 195 MB
if you pay $4.99 USD or more
t-gotchi-mac-mono.zip 193 MB
if you pay $4.99 USD or more
t-gotchi-windows-mono.zip 193 MB
if you pay $4.99 USD or more
T-Gotchi Complete Soundtrack and Art Collection.zip 73 MB
if you pay $8 USD or more

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Pode trazer mais jogos assim para Android?

mn acho q o dev sabe nem oq tu ta falando

pois é

qq eu tinha falado nao lembro desse comentario


Meu celular é um moto g9 plus e a resolucão da menina ta péssima podem resolver isso??

Podem melhorar a resolucão da personagen na versão de android??


Can someone please make a good ending mod... please? 

Okay so we know that to get the ending DDOSED, you cannot give her a shower. At all. And then she gets sick. She asks for medicine, and to get the ending, the player gives her nothing because we have no medicine.

HOWEVER...my question is...what happens if the player gives her a shower when the countdown starts? Can you even do so?

Deleted 180 days ago

Hey, to get a refund you should contact the Itch.io support

Thanks! Sorry, I only just got notified of this response.

No prob, hope it works out)

(1 edit) (+1)

7/10.  Was really fun game, I only have two complaints.  The ending was kind of weak, and the game is really short.  You can beat the whole game in 3 hours. And by beat the games I mean "getting all endings".  You can't save so you have to restart every time you want another ending... considering that, theres only about one and a half hours of fresh content. 

would still recommend anyways, its worth 2.50

Is there any plan to release in China by a publisher.

I haven't really thought of that, tbh. Is Steam only accessible through vpn in China?

Deleted 216 days ago
Deleted 216 days ago

That's a bootleg not done by me, I was trying to get it off appstore

Deleted 215 days ago

this game is absolutely AMAZING. it isn't for the faint of heart though. i love how the t-gotchi has a personality!! i'm not really up to write a review thats 900 pages long but... PLAY IT. its 100% worth the money. or .... just watch a playthrough. but its amazing to support the devs!!


Thank you for your kind words <3 <3


pls make it free


uh....amazing game!

thanks <3

(1 edit)

When i was playing the game i got a wrong ending

and restart the game and i found this

what is this ?

and sry for my bad en


These are tombstones.

Some kind of secret


can you make it free?


Can you get money and pay for it?


sorry but i may or may not have laughed at that a liiiiitle bit CSLKKJDKJFD


We had a blast playing this! We were so determined to get an actual good ending by making her as happy as possible ha ha 


Hey, thank you very much for playing!


You could try making the game longer next time, still good game. Check out Locke(d) for example, i feel they did the idea you wanted to give with your game a little more polished, it never hurts to see other works for inspiration/motivation. Good game!


i loved the game, just wish there were more endings, good ones for example or more bad ones lmao.

it would be cool if you would make a dlc in the future or even a prequel/sequel, i would definitely buy it <3

have a nice day & greetings from austria!


i don’t know if this is just my problem but I purchased the game and every time i go to download it, it just sends me to a blank screen

Did the dev(s) ever get with you on this?

(1 edit) (+1)

Are you on mobile? If so, I'm afraid it might be a compatibility issue

If that's the case, I suppose it's best just to refund, sorry(


I watched a YouTube play it and I really want to see the other 4 endings they didn't get (They got Hang On, DDosed, Martyr, and the illness one, I don't know the name of that one). I feel there should be a free version if you can make it.


Played it through. Not bad actually. I like the game graphics and all the other things. Too bad there is no good ending like giving her friend or something maybe a husband xD (or a dog) she is old an dies in peace. 

Btw didnt know you could actually see her boobs ._. when you have a peek. 

Other things i wanted to try were removing her shoes cause she will make a noose out of it and without it what would happen? Or dont give her compliments and say mean stuff

Another cruel thing would be if you were able to remove the shower curtain completly. 

Anyway i dont know if you develop the game further but i would play a updated Version or a T gotchi 2 definetly 

(1 edit)

Hey one question. When is the game in german on the Android Version?


Oh, will update it soon too. 


Hi, I've played your game. The unique visual and... well... the various "ways" of caring her are what made me play a lot searching the other endings. The only problem in my opinion, is that the game could be a little more longer, or have more options after unlock all endings. After all, it was fun playing, and I took a chance to upload my gameplay in my channel. It have one ending, what make the viewers to search for the others. Congrats for this game.

Hey, huge thanks for the video and the feedback!


Hello, I downloaded the game, purchased it- and I don't know how to use it or install it- I just get the opening screen, what's your name? 


Enter the name an then press return on your keyboard


how do I update the game when I already bought it?

Sorry if it's a weird question never bought from this site :)


I suppose you just delete the old files and replace them with new ones

about to buy the steam version, does it come with the art collection too? it's not exactly cheap here in turkey so I have to be careful


The art collection is only available on itch.io, so I'd recommend you buy it here, as the Steam key also comes with it.


itch.io doesn't have regional pricing or support for non-international cards, steam does. can you make the art collection a dlc on steam, so we can buy it?


Yep, I think I will soon. The process is kinda long on Steam as you have to set a ton of icons and then wait for them to review the collection etc.


So, I've just played the game through all the provided endings (I won't spoil anything, though).

Great game, indeed! Very thoughtful. The T-Gotchi bristles with life, and it's rather easy to want her happy.

In my humble opinion, however, the game is way, way too short. There should have been more to explore in the relationship, more nuances to add and maybe a bunch of extra endings too.

I hope there will be soon a new or extended version. I'm looking after it!

Hi guys. I just bought the game for mac-os (Catalina 10.15.7). I unzipped it and launched the game, but the system tells me it's not possible to open the application! Can you please help me?. Thanks

Hello, this might help:


Yeah! It worked, thanks!

Awesome ;)


Just recently got the game and did kind of a bad and had it spoiled that there are no good ends. Which is fine and all, but I suppose part of me will always yearn for that "good end". However, an interesting idea comes in at that thought. A true tamagotchi style game where you have to come back and how often you return and the things you say make more of an impact. Like imagine someone continuously comes back every day, trying hard to get that good end, and then they come back to either emptiness or the twist? Wouldn't that just be a knife to the gut? In any case, great game. 10/10 would recommend to others who like the kind of shock this kind of game gives.


Great game. Two things I wanted to say:

I really enjoyed the writing in this. The dialogue written for Tsunami made her feel all too human, and I felt terrible putting her through what I did in order to get all the endings (Especially the second ending, that was rough to get through). 

I read below that you dislike closure, and I honestly respect that a lot. Too many indie games try to tie up all the loose ends, and they quickly become forgettable once you find the "true ending" and all your questions are answered. The ending was unfulfilling, but it was weirdly enjoyable in that way. The pure bluntness of it left me sitting at the title screen for a minute just thinking to myself.

I look forward to any future projects of yours.

Thank you so much! I am really happy you were able to enjoy that kind of thing

Deleted 339 days ago


(2 edits) (+2)

This was a blast....I've only gotten 3 endings so far (and was soo traumatized I reset the game to delete the first ending out of my life ...it...never....happened) She is really cute I love her character model, it really made me want to care for her more and I wish there was way to keep that going with out getting THAT ending.... (I just want to take care of her man!!) I actually came here to find out what button *if any* gives or can give medicine or was that a feature only present in the Original Tamagotchi's and you aren't gonna put that here? Also we need a play-with her function like mini game or somethin and win some currency  so we can give gifts and clothes and furniture and craft a home or background or buy a house or something for her drab background lol. (I know that this may or may not be for THIS game but just something i personally was thinking about and spitballing ideas out here.) Thanks for this it got my mind off of Doki-Doki's traumatizing scenes and replaced them with this!  


Thank you for your feedback! I am really glad, you liked the game. It's interesting, I'm actually thinking about adding some features similar to what you describe to a possible sequel.


Awesome!!! I cant wait to see the features/a possible sequel! Also, I'm guessing currently the "Medicine" she asks for isn't really a thing? I keep pressing every dam key on my keyboard lul.  I'm playing this a lot more to get the other endings with out getting spoilers, and I'm enjoying it a lot! thanks soo much for creating this! 

Psychological horror games disguised as cute games are my favorite genre of game

Nice work!

(When will the Android port will be released? Can't wait to play it haha)


Thank you for the feedback! Working on a steam release rn, so not really sure( 

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for telling, I mean it! I wasn't sure after watching the video if the game was for me...but yea dun wanna anymore :(


the game looks really good :)

Show post...

So fun to play

Hi! I havent played the game myself yet (really looking forward to the soonest I can though!!), but it looks amazing! I really do enjoy the cynicism of this. The unsatisfying endings, the pity you feel for the girl, the way every ending you make leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Theres also a fair share of mystery with the daddy character which keeps the game lingering in your mind.

Apologies that this is such a overly positive review with no real useful feedback, but I really enjoyed your way of story telling as well as the games overall aesthetic. So happy I stumbled across this! Good luck on any of your future endeavors !!


Thank you so much for your kind words <3

Comments like this keep me going

(1 edit)

help i lost the dowload link


great game totally worth 5 dollars! My only grievance is that I wish there was more nudity. 

Yea the shower and *other* scene was pretty cool, I guess I'm a pervert tho...to be fair that's a nice butt lol...But I didn't mean to peep T_T I didn't even kno I could...I hope in the future that even after that event she doesn't stay mad to the fact.... It surprised me she Actually remembered!


Any chance we'll get a port for mobile devices? The platform would be favorable for the game.

Am planning on doing that!

I just got this game for my mac and i tried to open it once it finished but it didn't open the file to let me play :(((((

Look a bit further down in the comments, there's a fix for that.


Here it is:


I love the game, but it left me wanting for a mode where I can just take care of her like an actual Tamagotchi to look after, are there any chances of something like that being made into a mode? I'd buy that if it was made into a separate game too!

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