Your Amazing T-Gotchi! 2.0 and Steam Edition!

Your amazing T-Gotchi! is available on Steam!

It's finally here! A brand new update for Your amazing T-Gotchi has been released!!!

What's new:

  • 7 localisations, including:
    • English
    • Korean
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Hungarian
    • Brasilian Portuguese 
    • Italian
  • A new secret Ending!
  • Steam Achievements
  • You can now boop the T-Gotchi
  • Art Collection Updates!

The awesome translators:

  • RottenDeer (Korean)  Twitter:  @405errornot
  • Cristian Daniel Varo (Spanish) Twitter: @Cris_Kaiju
  • NoxiousNebula (Italian) Twitter: @NoxiousNebula
  • OnionKnight (Brasilian Portuguese) Twitter: @oniknightt
  • pppppPUZZLE (Hungarian) Twitter: @Webokoko

Get T-Gotchi on Steam:

Get Your amazing T-Gotchi!

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There's something wrong i can't buy the game

There's a delay on the Steam end. All currencies other than USD will be available in a day or so. Thank you for your patience