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Psychological horror games disguised as cute games are my favorite genre of game

Nice work!

(When will the Android port will be released? Can't wait to play it haha)


Thank you for the feedback! Working on a steam release rn, so not really sure( 

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for telling, I mean it! I wasn't sure after watching the video if the game was for me...but yea dun wanna anymore :(


the game looks really good :)

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So fun to play

Hi! I havent played the game myself yet (really looking forward to the soonest I can though!!), but it looks amazing! I really do enjoy the cynicism of this. The unsatisfying endings, the pity you feel for the girl, the way every ending you make leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Theres also a fair share of mystery with the daddy character which keeps the game lingering in your mind.

Apologies that this is such a overly positive review with no real useful feedback, but I really enjoyed your way of story telling as well as the games overall aesthetic. So happy I stumbled across this! Good luck on any of your future endeavors !!


Thank you so much for your kind words <3

Comments like this keep me going

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help i lost the dowload link


great game totally worth 5 dollars! My only grievance is that I wish there was more nudity. 

Yea the shower and *other* scene was pretty cool, I guess I'm a pervert be fair that's a nice butt lol...But I didn't mean to peep T_T I didn't even kno I could...I hope in the future that even after that event she doesn't stay mad to the fact.... It surprised me she Actually remembered!


Any chance we'll get a port for mobile devices? The platform would be favorable for the game.

Am planning on doing that!

I just got this game for my mac and i tried to open it once it finished but it didn't open the file to let me play :(((((

Look a bit further down in the comments, there's a fix for that.


Here it is:


I love the game, but it left me wanting for a mode where I can just take care of her like an actual Tamagotchi to look after, are there any chances of something like that being made into a mode? I'd buy that if it was made into a separate game too!


any keys left?

Dm me on twitter!



please make a slightly satisfying ending I feel a little sad to see her die so many times and do nothing



i wanna playyyyyy


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T-Gotchi is an interesting experiment, combining the nostalgia of Tamagotchi with the question of what would it be like to take care of a human with their own wants and needs versus an anime creature. Beyond the Tamagotchi staples of food and hygeine, your T-Gotchi has her own emotional well-being which must be nurtured. As the game hints at, we will see T-Gotchi in some unwell mental states and have to deal with that based on our choices as a player. Ultimately a very interesting game and a thoughtful take on the 'digital pet' genre.

My main critique would be the game says "your choices matter!" but they ultimately do not. Every game ends with a type of cruelty to the T-Gotchi. Unless there's a secret ending I missed past the 8 the game shows me, I left feeling not-so-great about the time I put in with T-Gotchi. Cruelty is an interesting narrative device to elicit a reaction in a player, but I think when the only option is cruelty for every single route, the cruelty becomes less impactful. The player grows numb to it. I can't speak for others, but I played through all the endings hoping for one where maybe I could remove T-Gotchi from her cruel fate, but there was no salvation in the end. After getting 7 of the endings, the 8th ending was just a declaration that the game was complete, which let me feeling a little deflated. Perhaps that's the nihilistic lesson the creator intended, but I've experienced a lot of cruelty in the horror gaming genre, and it doesn't do as much for me without a little light. Overall, the game left me wanting more—especially since I would not normally pick cruel routes (AKA 'genocide runs') if I could avoid them.

Unless I missed some lore, it would have been interesting to learn more about Daddy, or wanting to know more about the figure that speaks to you between games (perhaps he IS Daddy?), or give T-Gotchi medicine after beating all the other endings, or be rewarded for not spying on her during her showers. Or even just somehow break her out of her 'jail cell' of the game itself in a final ending, where once she's free the game is over forever (a little like what happens in Oneshot).

Ultimately I enjoyed the journey and the experience of the game and say it's definitely worth the $5--I just wish I was able to play the game in a way that did not make me feel like a sadist for trying to also be a completionist with the character's ultimate well-being in mind.



Thank you for such a detailed reflection on this little experience. While I find it beautiful, how differently people view the game, I did have a certain intention while making it. This intention was to show, how little power you actually have as a player. While some games give you an illusion of choiceand power, you can never really go beyond the creator's intent. Unless you try to break the game, of course, or choose a path that is unlikely to have been planned by the developers. That's where the player feels freedom. I did not want that. 

This game was intented to leave you unsatisfied. 

I dislike closure. If I satisfy you with a good ending, you will shortly forget about this experience. Yet by giving you an unfulfilling, dry declaration instead, I tried to make you dwell on this story a bit longer. 

I hope this makes my intentions a bit clearer. 


I know I would and many other players would pay for maybe a similar game. I want a waifu Tomagatchi lmao. Even if it is separate thing. I want a waifu to take care of that never dies XD 


I really do love this game so much! Money well spent. I hope it takes off in popularity.
I'm going to list down some things I think this game could use. Although you've probably seen these enough times by now.

1.Being able to take her outside to the park/movies/restaurants and such.
2.Hopefully customize her hair, clothes, and color.
3.Play some minigames with her at a carnival or something?
4.Have her live in her own room/house that's customizable, to an extent at least.
5. An ending where you can take care of her indefinitely. The endings were a little frustrating, I won't lie.
6. If you do 5, instead of days passing all on their own, I think it would be better being required to press some sort of "end day" button. The more time spent with her, the happier she is. (I would not be pressing the "end day" button very much, lol.)
7. A wider variety of interactions.

That's all I have to say. I wish you good luck.


Found about this game from ManlyBadassHero, watched 2 mins of the video and i just had to get it for myself.

I loved it. Are there any plans to expand on the story?


Hello! It looks great! Are you looking for a English>Spanish translator?

I do indeed! Please, contact me on Twitter:


how do look around ive tried click and dragging but that doesnt work wasd and arrow keys dont work either HELP!!!!!!! :(

Rmb and drag

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*facepalm* thx seriously this game is one of the best games ive ever played up there with ddlc totally worth the $5

Thanks ;)


this was such a cool game!! If you made a second one that would be awesome

Thanks a bunch ;)


Hey, just bought the game for mac and as soon as i unpack the zip and try to open the game it just says it can't be opened, any suggestions?

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Yep, here's a fix:


after after getting my first ending I had to stop. I love this game!!!! But I will get the other endings soon.

Thanks for playing!


I'm seeing some comments saying this is a horror game. Does it have jump scares, or is the horror gradual? I'd like to know what I'm getting into. The girl looks really cute, and I'm looking forward to playing~


it dosent have jump scares, its a more gradual, the game in reallity its just uncomfortaable, more than horror.

sorry for my lvl of einglish, have a good day :3


Thank you, I hope you have a good day too!

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good game, but its any free version of the game? like a demo or similar? and other cuestion, the game its going to get more content in the future? like a dlc, 2 part or similar?

Hi, there's no free demo. I am periodically giving away keys on twitter though, so check that out. 

I do like the idea of making a sequel in the future, not sure when though.

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well i dont know if you wanted to make more a game of terror or a unique experience, if you could tell me i can give you more in depth my opinion in how i think the game can better in my opinion.

last question, were i can get more information of the give  away keys? its an coment explain?

sorry for my lvl of einglish and thanks for responde, have a good day/night :D

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Sick game homie. I love meta analysis of players in relation to the medium. I went ahead and grabbed Schastye just because I liked this one.

Cheers and keep up the good work!

also plz give smol green girl happy ending


Big thanks for the support, my dude ;)

is there a 32 bit version for this game? 

Sorry, not yet! Will add soon

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You know, when you said this was a horror game I didn't believe you. I was wrong.

This game is deeply, deeply unsettling. I like it. I don't regret buying it. But I'm just going to put it down for a while. Possibly forever.

I just don't have the strength to keep looking for more endings.


It's alright. I am very glad it was impactful


I thought T-Gotchi looked like a lot of fun, but I never imagined how special this game really is. It’s one of my favorite games of the year, primarily because of how well-made it is, and how there’s no hand-holding. T-Gotchi encourages you to experiment and discover. I wish more games out there had the desire to be so unique. I know it looks simple on the surface, but it’s greatest rewards await players who choose to think outside the box. 

I’ve provided a video if players get stuck, as I was able to grab all the game’s endings, but I encourage you to experience it for yourself; you’ll have a lot of fun. Highly recommended! 


I beg of you, please make a good ending. I tried so much to get the good ending, and it kept just bringing me back to the one where you're nice to her


good game i very much like


Absolutely loved this entire experience from start to end. I love my T-Gotchi!!


Glad you liked it ;)


I genuinely got scared when I got to The Day. Awesome game!!


i was playing the game (love it) when suddenly my pc went off, when i turned it on again and opened the game it crashes everytime i try to prees any key to start and i don't know what to do :c

Hi, try to reinstall the game, and then delete the saves (an option in the starting menu)

yep, i made that but it doesen't start when i press anything to play, any other suggestions?

Do you have a 32-bit system? 

no, its 64

Then I am not sure what it is :< 

If it doesn't start working, please just refund, sorry.


Makes me wonder where my old tamagotchi is now... oh god, the poor thing probably drowned in it's own filth years ago!

PS, great game, good job!

No prob, thanks for helping me out btw ;)


I love it, gotta say it's games like these that give me hope for super advanced AI futures. people get worried that super advanced AI wouldn't be given rights, and I'm sitting here playing this game and feeling horrible about this fake tomagachi girl that I literally have no choices or options to help but still feel bad about.

Very interesting game.

Good job, Garage Heathen.


I really did try my best to please and raise this Anime girl. Then she starts to die for no reason and every choice I make leads to tragety! Then I figured it out... THIS IS THE GOAL OF THE GAME! Finally got ALL ENDINGS after 2 hours of trying. There is a "Good Ending". Awesome game, can't wait for more!


Heheh, thank you so much for playing! ;)

any idea when we can expect this game to be released on steam?

I am working on that rn actually. I'd say round October if all goes well.

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