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the game is very good, T-gotchi's design is adorable and the endings are good, an update would be nice to further expand the game with more variants of endings and more combinations of game decisions, this is something I did with the models from the game xd

Heyy this looks really nice! Thanks for making this!  

This was a fun little game. While looking through my itch library just now I noticed this got an update and a Steam key since the time I bought and played it last. When I try to claim the Steam key though, I get sent to the Steam login page and then when I log in and it sends me back to the download page, I just get an error popup saying that it failed to connect with Steam. Is there some way around this, possibly a way to grab the key directly so I can just enter it into my Steam client manually?

Hmm that's weird. You should probably ask Itch support about that, though

Seems it was a temporary problem. Just tried it again now, and this time it properly connected and I was able to claim my key.

Hey I bought this and I'm not able to install it, I'm at my purchase link and it shows up with no options to install it.


I have to buy her?


a Demo would be nice, i dont really like to buy things off ITCH.IO without knowing the quality 


it's a fairly short game with around 5-7 endings, has a pretty dark tone to it. i do agree it needs a demo tho, maybe for just 1 ending.



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Trying to play on a mac, when trying to run the game after downloading I get an error "You do not have permission to open the application 't-gotchi-mac-mono'". Currently running Big Sur. Any ideas for a fix?


really good game, I'm a terrible father! (and I never intended on being a good one.)




can you make a free version?


when I downloaded the game I couldn’t find out how to get on it I’m on a Apple Device if you see this comment please help me get on the game/play it


You can't. (mobile)

Hi, this includes the Android apk only. It's specified in the title


gosh this is disturbing but I really love it

Pode trazer mais jogos assim para Android?

mn acho q o dev sabe nem oq tu ta falando

pois é

qq eu tinha falado nao lembro desse comentario


Meu celular é um moto g9 plus e a resolucão da menina ta péssima podem resolver isso??

Podem melhorar a resolucão da personagen na versão de android??


Can someone please make a good ending mod... please? 

Okay so we know that to get the ending DDOSED, you cannot give her a shower. At all. And then she gets sick. She asks for medicine, and to get the ending, the player gives her nothing because we have no medicine. question is...what happens if the player gives her a shower when the countdown starts? Can you even do so?

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Hey, to get a refund you should contact the support

Thanks! Sorry, I only just got notified of this response.


No prob, hope it works out)

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7/10.  Was really fun game, I only have two complaints.  The ending was kind of weak, and the game is really short.  You can beat the whole game in 3 hours. And by beat the games I mean "getting all endings".  You can't save so you have to restart every time you want another ending... considering that, theres only about one and a half hours of fresh content. 

would still recommend anyways, its worth 2.50

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I haven't really thought of that, tbh. Is Steam only accessible through vpn in China?

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That's a bootleg not done by me, I was trying to get it off appstore

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this game is absolutely AMAZING. it isn't for the faint of heart though. i love how the t-gotchi has a personality!! i'm not really up to write a review thats 900 pages long but... PLAY IT. its 100% worth the money. or .... just watch a playthrough. but its amazing to support the devs!!


Thank you for your kind words <3 <3


pls make it free


uh....amazing game!

thanks <3

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When i was playing the game i got a wrong ending

and restart the game and i found this

what is this ?

and sry for my bad en


These are tombstones.

Some kind of secret


can you make it free?


Can you get money and pay for it?


sorry but i may or may not have laughed at that a liiiiitle bit CSLKKJDKJFD


We had a blast playing this! We were so determined to get an actual good ending by making her as happy as possible ha ha 


Hey, thank you very much for playing!


You could try making the game longer next time, still good game. Check out Locke(d) for example, i feel they did the idea you wanted to give with your game a little more polished, it never hurts to see other works for inspiration/motivation. Good game!


i loved the game, just wish there were more endings, good ones for example or more bad ones lmao.

it would be cool if you would make a dlc in the future or even a prequel/sequel, i would definitely buy it <3

have a nice day & greetings from austria!


i don’t know if this is just my problem but I purchased the game and every time i go to download it, it just sends me to a blank screen

Did the dev(s) ever get with you on this?

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Are you on mobile? If so, I'm afraid it might be a compatibility issue

If that's the case, I suppose it's best just to refund, sorry(


I watched a YouTube play it and I really want to see the other 4 endings they didn't get (They got Hang On, DDosed, Martyr, and the illness one, I don't know the name of that one). I feel there should be a free version if you can make it.


Played it through. Not bad actually. I like the game graphics and all the other things. Too bad there is no good ending like giving her friend or something maybe a husband xD (or a dog) she is old an dies in peace. 

Btw didnt know you could actually see her boobs ._. when you have a peek. 

Other things i wanted to try were removing her shoes cause she will make a noose out of it and without it what would happen? Or dont give her compliments and say mean stuff

Another cruel thing would be if you were able to remove the shower curtain completly. 

Anyway i dont know if you develop the game further but i would play a updated Version or a T gotchi 2 definetly 

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Hey one question. When is the game in german on the Android Version?


Oh, will update it soon too. 


Hi, I've played your game. The unique visual and... well... the various "ways" of caring her are what made me play a lot searching the other endings. The only problem in my opinion, is that the game could be a little more longer, or have more options after unlock all endings. After all, it was fun playing, and I took a chance to upload my gameplay in my channel. It have one ending, what make the viewers to search for the others. Congrats for this game.

Hey, huge thanks for the video and the feedback!


Hello, I downloaded the game, purchased it- and I don't know how to use it or install it- I just get the opening screen, what's your name? 


Enter the name an then press return on your keyboard


how do I update the game when I already bought it?

Sorry if it's a weird question never bought from this site :)


I suppose you just delete the old files and replace them with new ones

about to buy the steam version, does it come with the art collection too? it's not exactly cheap here in turkey so I have to be careful


The art collection is only available on, so I'd recommend you buy it here, as the Steam key also comes with it.

(+1) doesn't have regional pricing or support for non-international cards, steam does. can you make the art collection a dlc on steam, so we can buy it?


Yep, I think I will soon. The process is kinda long on Steam as you have to set a ton of icons and then wait for them to review the collection etc.


So, I've just played the game through all the provided endings (I won't spoil anything, though).

Great game, indeed! Very thoughtful. The T-Gotchi bristles with life, and it's rather easy to want her happy.

In my humble opinion, however, the game is way, way too short. There should have been more to explore in the relationship, more nuances to add and maybe a bunch of extra endings too.

I hope there will be soon a new or extended version. I'm looking after it!

Hi guys. I just bought the game for mac-os (Catalina 10.15.7). I unzipped it and launched the game, but the system tells me it's not possible to open the application! Can you please help me?. Thanks

Hello, this might help:


Yeah! It worked, thanks!

Awesome ;)

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