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How download this game??

im on pc and i cant download

how do u download @Laurenzside

how do i download ?


Good game

can you pls tel me how to download?

idk how to play it but i watched laurenzside play it and it looked pretty good honestl

i watched lauren play it to


how do i play it/download it

I've removed it from itch, since there's no way to receive funds in my country. You could try the steam version


what about mobile..? Im kind of stuck on mobile so... 

Me too 

it's still available in google play store

could u please make it so u can have it on apple or later samsung models please


how do i download?


how does I get this game?

How do I download this game?

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Dude, I'm watching a gameplay of this game and it looks really good, could you add Brazilian Portuguese?


pelo visto ele adicionou XD

A very unique game. Where can I find/buy the soundtrack? I really, really love the main music :)



the game is good in itself but there are some things that i didn't like when i bought it and i played on the small screen with some black spaces a strange bug when she goes to take a shower and the screen goes gray and it doesn't go back to normal outside also that the screen doesn't Turns out I didn't like the side of the game screen I wanted to change the side of the screen other than that I didn't have any problems with crashes or anything solve these problems that if even the game costs 1000 reais or dollars I'll buy it 👍 ×_× 🕶

How do I get the ending with the panties?

I have a question thought

warning spoilers

So in one ending when you don't shower she gets sick, after that you have a count down to give her medicin, if you don't the game stops but before that she is saying that she will delete some kind of files, it's actually safe, right?

Correct, the most it will do is crash the game and make you  start up the game again

No estoy seguro si comprarlo, a saber si vale la pena.

Jamás había tenido una novia como esta.... buen juego 

This game makes me NEVER EVER doubt a "Psychological Horror" steam-tag on a game.


the game is very good, T-gotchi's design is adorable and the endings are good, an update would be nice to further expand the game with more variants of endings and more combinations of game decisions, this is something I did with the models from the game xd

Heyy this looks really nice! Thanks for making this!  

This was a fun little game. While looking through my itch library just now I noticed this got an update and a Steam key since the time I bought and played it last. When I try to claim the Steam key though, I get sent to the Steam login page and then when I log in and it sends me back to the download page, I just get an error popup saying that it failed to connect with Steam. Is there some way around this, possibly a way to grab the key directly so I can just enter it into my Steam client manually?

Hmm that's weird. You should probably ask Itch support about that, though

Seems it was a temporary problem. Just tried it again now, and this time it properly connected and I was able to claim my key.

Hey I bought this and I'm not able to install it, I'm at my purchase link and it shows up with no options to install it.


I have to buy her?


a Demo would be nice, i dont really like to buy things off ITCH.IO without knowing the quality 


it's a fairly short game with around 5-7 endings, has a pretty dark tone to it. i do agree it needs a demo tho, maybe for just 1 ending.



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Trying to play on a mac, when trying to run the game after downloading I get an error "You do not have permission to open the application 't-gotchi-mac-mono'". Currently running Big Sur. Any ideas for a fix?


really good game, I'm a terrible father! (and I never intended on being a good one.)




can you make a free version?


when I downloaded the game I couldn’t find out how to get on it I’m on a Apple Device if you see this comment please help me get on the game/play it


You can't. (mobile)

Hi, this includes the Android apk only. It's specified in the title

But you have to buy it and if your trying to get it on a tablet it cost i think $1.49 or something closer to that price @Garage_Heathen.


gosh this is disturbing but I really love it

Pode trazer mais jogos assim para Android?

mn acho q o dev sabe nem oq tu ta falando

pois é

qq eu tinha falado nao lembro desse comentario


Meu celular é um moto g9 plus e a resolucão da menina ta péssima podem resolver isso??

Podem melhorar a resolucão da personagen na versão de android??


Can someone please make a good ending mod... please? 

Okay so we know that to get the ending DDOSED, you cannot give her a shower. At all. And then she gets sick. She asks for medicine, and to get the ending, the player gives her nothing because we have no medicine. question is...what happens if the player gives her a shower when the countdown starts? Can you even do so?

I have a question, if don't give her medecine she closes the game and saying she will delete all your files, my question is, it's same right?

Deleted 2 years ago

Hey, to get a refund you should contact the support

Thanks! Sorry, I only just got notified of this response.


No prob, hope it works out)

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7/10.  Was really fun game, I only have two complaints.  The ending was kind of weak, and the game is really short.  You can beat the whole game in 3 hours. And by beat the games I mean "getting all endings".  You can't save so you have to restart every time you want another ending... considering that, theres only about one and a half hours of fresh content. 

would still recommend anyways, its worth 2.50

Deleted 2 years ago

I haven't really thought of that, tbh. Is Steam only accessible through vpn in China?

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

That's a bootleg not done by me, I was trying to get it off appstore

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