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hello from bronx ny- bought your game on steam and finally had time to play it. i wish someday to make a videogame as representative of my soul like this one. i think it's a privilege to make good videogames- hopefully one day i can too. i would definitely cite lynch and you as major inspirations. this game will stick with me for a long awhile, especially the soundtrack and william. thank you so much for creating this and sharing it with the world. im glad i found it. 

Good luck! And thank you so much for the kind words:)

this game wrecks my soul 

you do too<33

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Sorry to hear you cannot receive money from
Will it be possible to purchase the game on alternative DRM-free platforms like GOG?
I dislike using Steam and would prefer another way to financially support the game.
Thanks! :)

Hello, is there any way for me to buy the game from here?


Sorry, I've removed the game from here recently, since there's no way to receive money from itch in my country. 
Please use steam, if possible.

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No version? =/

Deleted 115 days ago

Oh, man. I'm sorry to hear that. Is there any space where I can purchase your game aside from Steam? Maybe from you directly?

I have some issues with Steam, but I'd love to try out your game and support you by that.


Is there a way to buy the version? There is no button anywhere on this page to buy or download the game - likewise on the page for the demo.

I can always buy the game on Steam, no worries about that, but I wanted to try to get it from instead.


It is featured in Indiepocalypse #19 I think

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What happened to the "buy" button on the Itch version? Just wanted a DRM free copy of the game.

@Clownsparade I think that's the demo version.

Deleted 115 days ago
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also I think your game is a gateway drug, im gonna wipe all my saves and replay this game a million times


Sorry to comment again, but I just wanted to let you know 'why am I in space wtf 2.0' is my friend who also LOVED your game, and also you're my BFF now, also my name is Cross and I think this is important because we should 100% be on a first name basis, also make more games pls (if u want of course who am I to force you) also ur really cool thx for making this game also bye bye now

For the past two days, I watched my good friend, whyamIinspacewtf, play this BEAUTIFUL video game. And let me just say, my life is forever changed. The intricate design of the video game itself is like no other. This intriguing video game allowed me to feel things I have never felt before. This game has created and opened a new part of my mind. It made me think in ways I have never thought before. This is the greatest game to ever reach the hands of mankind. The psychological horrors that take place in this game are like no other. Psychological horror may be the best horror creation of our time. It is so amazing how this very genre represents horrors and insanity of the human mind. This game, especially, portrays neurodivergence and horror and insanity in such amazing gameplay. The amount of thought and mystery behind this game is absolutely outstanding. This may be the best game I have ever seen in my entire life. Although I only watched someone play it, it is so immersing that I couldn't help but feel like I was watching an amazing movie. This game made me think deeply into the background of the characters, and especially the mysteries behind Lila. All of the different endings, all portraying a different approach to this psychological madness that this game holds. I am going to be on me death bed in 70-80 years still thinking about this game. This game has made me want to learn about the human mind itself. The psychological aspect in this game is just so incredibly amazing to me, I cannot get over to it. This game does and amazing job of showing what the human mind is capable of. The horror it can put you through. The insanity, the pain, its unstoppable. The human mind is the most powerful thing. This game shows just that. I thank you for creating this masterpiece. I will never forget it. It has burned itself a special place in my mind.

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Hi Garage_Heathen, I just wanted to let you know that I think your game is the most amazing game that literally has ever been in existence.. ever. Playing through your game I said many phrases such as, "What the f**ck!?!? WHY IS THIS SO GOOD!??!" and "This is the greatest game and story I have ever seen in my life.." I believe your game is the video game equivalent of how many drug addicts would describe heroin, its such a good feeling, the best in the world, and I'm scared that there will never be another feeling like it. I mean what I said, I really don't think I have or ever will play a game better than this game throughout the entire duration of my existence. I've developed an interest in psychology recently that I wish to pursue because of a band named TOOL. This game's use of psychology mixed with occultism is one of if not the greatest things I've ever witnessed in my entire goddamn life. Everything about this game is perfect, I wish it was actually possible to give something an 2M+/10 because, for this game, I would. I have never had a more fun time trying to understand a game more than this game. I am three achievements away from 100%ing your game and I've had BLAST doing it so far. You have created the most amazing fictitious world that there ever will be. I'm sorry for the unprofessionalism within my writing, I am 16 years old. When I'm 90 I will say to my grandkids, "Who's Lila?" and their gonna be like, "What the f**k grandpa take your meds you old sack of s**t!"  I just wanted to say that. P.S. I LOVE YOU (But legally not in a s*xual way since I don't want to get you arrested since I'm 16) P.S. P.S. I STILL LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will there be a patch to make the daemon work on steam deck? Tho it’s listed as “verified,” everyone posting on the forums there says the daemon dlc isn’t compatible on deck or its Linux desktop. thank u in advance! <3 

Hey so I am trying to run the game, everything seems to work fine except for the expressions. When I go to the mirror, it says I am disgusted when it should be neutral. Changing any of the facial features doesnt do anything, and when confirming the choice, the game just doesnt proceed. Not a great first impression.

Hi! Go to the main folder and check if the folder called EMGUCV is read-only. If it is - uncheck that toggle. Also, sometimes turning the antivirus off helps.

i recently bought this game, and in an hour or so of gameplay i was having fun and interested in the story and the odd characters. sadly, i've found navigating the world needlessly frustrating.

despite the fact that holding spacebar should highlight interactibles, it seems it often fails to highlight places i can walk to in order to go to new places. this makes exploring the world more a "just click along the edges of each area to see if it takes me somewhere else" experience, which i would assume the spacebar highlight was intended to eliminate.

and while i could work with that, sometimes i get entirely locked into or out of places. i can walk into a space, but there's no-where to click to leave it. this happened in a couple of places, and i managed to leave via a circuitious route through another location (thankfully the boiler room is a big circle, or this issue would have permanently trapped me there)

i finally got truly softlocked at the train station. after entering the train station, i couldn't leave. there's no-where to click that takes me out of the train station. i did find a small room with a wheel in it that i'm not allowed to click on, and i can't leave that room either. so now i'm not just trapped in the train station, but in that small room. holding space reveals the only interactible is that small wheel. there's no exit.

i clicked around quite a lot, and found no exit.

this was a very frustrating and abrupt end to what had been an interesting game. i can't continue playing it.

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Hi! The boiler room is generated randomly as you go through it. The whole location is a puzzle, once you understand it - it will be easy to traverse!

As for the station - you can rotate the wheel with your mouse (not just click) which will open the said door.

i havent been completely blown away by a game in a long time. i thought i knew what i was getting into but it was so much more than that. 

"And the angel's wouldn't help you. Because they've all gone away."




please help does anyone know how to get the DLC to work??? i got the game here and idk how it works please I'm bad with computers 

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To activate the DLC, click on the button on the main menu and it will create a shortcut on your desktop. Quit the game, open the DAEMON shortcut on the desktop, and run it along with the game.

Alternatively, go to the folder where you installed the game and DLC, it should have a sub-folder called DAEMON. The app the shortcut above references is in here.

In the game, you will hear the DAEMON whenever it has something to tell you, but it's a bit hard to understand with just the audio. Use the keys Alt+Tab to switch apps and see what it says!


Always enjoy this kind of art style.


100% this game on Steam. Only other game I've done that for is YIIK: A Postmodern RPG. I guess I have a specific taste in games lol

peak (yiik) mentioned!!!!!!!!!

i dont know


I've seen this game before


dori dori dori dori 

same, saw that game on channel windy31


I just recently finished this game, and I must say that I was very satisfied to complete it without watching tutorials (Which cost me twice as long but it was worth it)

The more I got into it, the more I became interested in the plot rather than the gameplay. Let's hope William stays well and goes to the psychologist after this. 

Without a doubt, for a future thesis I would love to give this title a space!


hey guys,
has anyone noticed/understood who "Jachin" is? I met this name only once, at the moment when we are standing in front of the veil, behind which the game continues for the Prince



Reminiscent of the bygone era of surreal 90s point and click games, "Who's Lila?" brings me back to a time when I first played Darkseed; I was far too young to play that game, let alone understand the 'undertones' (although the game isn't subtle enough to really call its beats undertones, but when you're a preteen you still don't understand them), but I think that added to its charm for me. This game doesn't try to make sense, it doesn't spoon feed the plotline to the player, it just lets you experience it and figure it out on your own. I honestly still don't really understand it, but that's not a bad thing! In fact it's why I love this game so much. There's nothing in this game that is absolute, except for the atmosphere, which is absolutely unsettling at the best of times, 10/10 surrealist horror.


this is seriously one of the best games I've played. there are so many possibilities and details. I was many times astounded when I went to try something and there was actually new dialogue and sometimes even entire endings. what stood out was how natural and well written the dialogues are. simply impressive


Absolute brilliance. Unlocked 6 endings so far and it just keeps getting more and more profound. Looking forward to your future work, dev!


Thanks so much! Glad you liked it:)


Most Lynch-inspired games/media falls short, either in terms of sticking too close to Lynch's work and just mimicking it, or going the other direction and just not having enough substance to back up the dream logic and feeling a bit random.

Not this game. Though "inspired by David lynch's works", it's wholly its own thing, exploring its own concepts and doing so in a really interesting setting that fits in with what you'd expect out of a video game.

The game gets a bit meta but remains grounded in story and setting and the characters presented in it are great. Really interesting concept.

Thank you for making this!


Hi Garage Heathen! My name is Amy and I am currently doing my honours degree on psychological horror games and theatre. I came across Who's Lila not too long ago and I fell in love with it! I even gave it a mention in my thesis. I would love to ask you some questions about the game and the making of it. If it is ok, how should I go about contacting you?

Thanks for making this awesome game :)


Thank you so much for this amazing work! I’ve been following what you’ve been making since loving both Tgotchi and Schastye, and Who’s Lila has completely taken over my attention for the past couple days because of how amazingly well made it is.

I want to have my friend who’s a philosophy major play this, but he has a Mac, so I was wondering if there was anymore progress on that? If not no worries :) thanks again!

Thank you for the high praise! Unfortunately, my attempts to bring Lila to Mac weren't successful :( I'm not sure if the solution is even possible, but I'll try my best still


thanks so much :) I look forward to your next projects!


This game looks amazing!!!!. May I know what game engine was used to make it ?. I am new to gamedev. Thank you.


the first thing that shows up when you start the game is made in unity. that'll maybe give you a hint.


Is there any chance you could put up a download for the Daemon here as well? I don't like using Steam and I'd appreciate not needing to install it just so I can download that, especially since it's free there anyway.

You should be able to download it from here (the link in the Forest dialogue is different for the itch version), unless I've messed up the versions again. I'll check it soon


What an insane game!! I have no idea what to think, or how to interpret it! It's a fascinating take on the point and click genre, highly recommend! Here's my first episode of experiencing it!

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Are the stories from Tgotchi, Who's Lila?,  and Shastye connected in a deeper level? Or is it purely superficial? The forest of sycamores is referenced in Tgotchi and plays a major role in Who's Lila? and Shastye. The mushrooms appear both in Shastye and WL? too. Am I in the correct path or am I just looking too much into everything? It seems very intentional.

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This game is incredible. It has instantly become one of my favourites. It's creative, enthralling and there's really nothing like it out there. Are you planning on using the expression mechanic in a future project? Its truly unique and I'm amazed that you did this all by yourself.

Also, did you use a drawing tablet to animate? If you did, could you tell me which model? I've been trying to get into animation and game-making for a long time but money is short and I want to get something worth its price.

Anyways, I'll keep up with your new releases! You really are talented.

MacOS version?

Any chance you releasing an android version?


i tought the thumbnail was jerma for a sec

It's difficult for me to express emotions.

I envy other people. They make faces naturally, but I have to make a conscious decision each time I move a muscle.

Every morning I go to the bathroom to rehearse what my face is going to show today.

This is relatable to me rather than intriguing or creepy. I'm autistic, and autistic people have what is called a "mask," which is where we act like allistic (non-autistic) people in order to survive. For me, masking included practising my facial expressions in the mirror. I couldn't frown for years and had to pull my lips down with my fingers. I only really got the hang of frowning near the start of adulthood. But even though I'm pretty good at showing socially accepted facial expressions now, it's still an extremely conscious action. I don't just naturally smile when I'm happy, scowl when I'm angry, or frown when I'm sad. I had to teach myself to do these things, and I have to allocate some of my concentration to monitoring/controlling my face whenever I'm around people.

So that concept in the game doesn't really stand out to me, because it's my normal. However, I really liked the idea of controlling the protagonist's face rather than choosing dialogue. The story is also interesting. Good job!

By the way, I apologise if the first part of my comment comes across as criticism. I just wanted to share my perspective as an autistic person with alexithymia.

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Hey, I purchased the Steam version, but I just wanted to say, this game was absolutely brilliant, I had a fantastic time going through the entirety, hopefully I saw everything. The way you paced the story, the way those tense moments pay off, those beautifully done scenes, had me absolutely engrossed. Thank you for the trip, I wish I could ask you a few questions without spoiling things on a public comments page, but I suppose some questions are left unanswered for a reason :)

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