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Who's Lila?

Who's Lila is a point-and-click adventure where, instead of choosing dialogue options, you control the character's face manually.

Coming out on Feb 23 5:00 pm PST


It's difficult for me to express emotions.

I envy other people. They make faces naturally, but I have to make a conscious decision each time I move a muscle.

Every morning I go to the bathroom to rehearse what my face is going to show today.


Life’s never been easy for William, but today is special – a girl named Tanya Kennedy suddenly goes missing and the only thing Will's friends know – he was the one to see her last.

Will you remain secretive and make William act as though nothing happened, or will you let true emotions show through his mask?

In Who's Lila, a specifically trained face-recognizing neural network allows you to make this choice! In dialogue, instead of choosing a text option, input facial expressions by moving parts of the character’s face. The neural network will then analyze the emotion and output the result, thus progressing the plot.

Apart from the struggles provided by your own face, you will be met with a gritty dither-punk world of Who’s Lila. Prepare yourself for dream-like landscapes, surreal architecture, steam-filled factory interiors, and David Lynch-inspired beauty of the industrial and the mundane.


«Sometimes there is fear in the unknown, but we are good detectives and we have to know everything»


David Lynch

Will you make sense of this strange story, or will you lose yourself in the beautiful mystery? Will you try to discover every possible turn of events, or will you stick to a single storyline?
And most importantly, will you be able to answer the ultimate question:

Who is Lila?

The game features:

  • Neural network-powered emotion detection
  • 15 endings and choice-driven gameplay
  • Steam achievements
  • Ditherpunk visual style
  • 6+ hours of gameplay
  • Unlockable palettes
  • 50+ unique soundtrack pieces written specifically for the game
  • And more..

Contact me: 

E-mail: il.sushin@yandex.ru

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeathenGarage 

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/developer/GarageHeathen

Press Kit: https://whoslila-press.carrd.co/

Release date Feb 24, 2022
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
TagsHorror, Low-poly, Multiple Endings, Mystery, Narrative, Point & Click, Retro, Singleplayer, Surreal


Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

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this is seriously one of the best games I've played. there are so many possibilities and details. I was many times astounded when I went to try something and there was actually new dialogue and sometimes even entire endings. what stood out was how natural and well written the dialogues are. simply impressive


Absolute brilliance. Unlocked 6 endings so far and it just keeps getting more and more profound. Looking forward to your future work, dev!


Thanks so much! Glad you liked it:)


Most Lynch-inspired games/media falls short, either in terms of sticking too close to Lynch's work and just mimicking it, or going the other direction and just not having enough substance to back up the dream logic and feeling a bit random.

Not this game. Though "inspired by David lynch's works", it's wholly its own thing, exploring its own concepts and doing so in a really interesting setting that fits in with what you'd expect out of a video game.

The game gets a bit meta but remains grounded in story and setting and the characters presented in it are great. Really interesting concept.

Thank you for making this!

Hi Garage Heathen! My name is Amy and I am currently doing my honours degree on psychological horror games and theatre. I came across Who's Lila not too long ago and I fell in love with it! I even gave it a mention in my thesis. I would love to ask you some questions about the game and the making of it. If it is ok, how should I go about contacting you?

Thanks for making this awesome game :)

Thank you so much for this amazing work! I’ve been following what you’ve been making since loving both Tgotchi and Schastye, and Who’s Lila has completely taken over my attention for the past couple days because of how amazingly well made it is.

I want to have my friend who’s a philosophy major play this, but he has a Mac, so I was wondering if there was anymore progress on that? If not no worries :) thanks again!

Thank you for the high praise! Unfortunately, my attempts to bring Lila to Mac weren't successful :( I'm not sure if the solution is even possible, but I'll try my best still


thanks so much :) I look forward to your next projects!


This game looks amazing!!!!. May I know what game engine was used to make it ?. I am new to gamedev. Thank you.

the first thing that shows up when you start the game is made in unity. that'll maybe give you a hint.

Is there any chance you could put up a download for the Daemon here as well? I don't like using Steam and I'd appreciate not needing to install it just so I can download that, especially since it's free there anyway.

You should be able to download it from here (the link in the Forest dialogue is different for the itch version), unless I've messed up the versions again. I'll check it soon


What an insane game!! I have no idea what to think, or how to interpret it! It's a fascinating take on the point and click genre, highly recommend! Here's my first episode of experiencing it!

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Are the stories from Tgotchi, Who's Lila?,  and Shastye connected in a deeper level? Or is it purely superficial? The forest of sycamores is referenced in Tgotchi and plays a major role in Who's Lila? and Shastye. The mushrooms appear both in Shastye and WL? too. Am I in the correct path or am I just looking too much into everything? It seems very intentional.

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This game is incredible. It has instantly become one of my favourites. It's creative, enthralling and there's really nothing like it out there. Are you planning on using the expression mechanic in a future project? Its truly unique and I'm amazed that you did this all by yourself.

Also, did you use a drawing tablet to animate? If you did, could you tell me which model? I've been trying to get into animation and game-making for a long time but money is short and I want to get something worth its price.

Anyways, I'll keep up with your new releases! You really are talented.

MacOS version?

Any chance you releasing an android version?


i tought the thumbnail was jerma for a sec

It's difficult for me to express emotions.

I envy other people. They make faces naturally, but I have to make a conscious decision each time I move a muscle.

Every morning I go to the bathroom to rehearse what my face is going to show today.

This is relatable to me rather than intriguing or creepy. I'm autistic, and autistic people have what is called a "mask," which is where we act like allistic (non-autistic) people in order to survive. For me, masking included practising my facial expressions in the mirror. I couldn't frown for years and had to pull my lips down with my fingers. I only really got the hang of frowning near the start of adulthood. But even though I'm pretty good at showing socially accepted facial expressions now, it's still an extremely conscious action. I don't just naturally smile when I'm happy, scowl when I'm angry, or frown when I'm sad. I had to teach myself to do these things, and I have to allocate some of my concentration to monitoring/controlling my face whenever I'm around people.

So that concept in the game doesn't really stand out to me, because it's my normal. However, I really liked the idea of controlling the protagonist's face rather than choosing dialogue. The story is also interesting. Good job!

By the way, I apologise if the first part of my comment comes across as criticism. I just wanted to share my perspective as an autistic person with alexithymia.

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Hey, I purchased the Steam version, but I just wanted to say, this game was absolutely brilliant, I had a fantastic time going through the entirety, hopefully I saw everything. The way you paced the story, the way those tense moments pay off, those beautifully done scenes, had me absolutely engrossed. Thank you for the trip, I wish I could ask you a few questions without spoiling things on a public comments page, but I suppose some questions are left unanswered for a reason :)


man wtf

hey, i bought this game a while ago but now the option to download it has dissapeared, whats happened?

Been wondering the same thing

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Hey, I fixed it some time ago, sorry for that

Heya! Just wanted to say: this game is fantastic. I love to see fresh new ideas for indie horror, and this really scratches an itch I didn't even know was there. I've found a couple bugs that I'm not sure are just me being super lucky (or unlucky haha) at finding them, but I was streaming/recording as they happened and can get the video with timestamps to you when I can. Still, incredibly well-done game and I can't wait to see more from you!


Hello! The link you set in the game wordso***************** cannot be opened Chinese mainland, so that the game card is here. Can you fix it? If you don't know how to set up a document to appear Chinese mainland, I can help you. You can email me at  wongjiayi@dingtalk.com


您好!您在游戏中设置的链接wordso*********.***在中国大陆是无法被打开的,以至于游戏卡在这里。您可以修复吗?如果您不知道怎样设置一个文档能在中国大陆显示,我可以协助您。您可以给我发邮件 wongjiayi@dingtalk.com

Absolutely incredible, and amazing soundtrck! Had a great time watching a playthrough of this. Glad there are still games out there being made that aren't cheap fnaf or backrooms knockoff things! Hope I have enough to get it with my paycheck this month! Can't wait to get to play it for myself!


This game is fire, I saw a youtuber play it, now i'm a fan, lol

Same; don't have enough cash to buy it tho'.


Any chance of this coming out for Mac? I would love to play!


Working on it, but it proved to be harder than anticipated :(


would it be possible to see the original pictures of all the characters from who's lila? (without the ditherpunk effect)


i love love love this game so much!! The concept and play style is unique and extremely fun, i am such a huge fan of your work! would love to see what you make next :))

Hi, was just wondering if you could tell me (without spoilers obv) how scary this game gets? Does it just maintain that eerie spooky atmosphere throughout or does it get outwardly horror-y or jumpscare-y as you go further into it? I saw a streamer (Tomato) play through one of the endings of the game and immediately decided after that point that I wanted to see the rest firsthand but I'm a bit concerned because I'm bloody awful with proper horror stuff.


Hi! This question is very difficult to answer, because I don't know what "proper horror" means for you. There aren't many jumpscares, since I don't like them that much, there's about 4-5 in the whole game. 

That's fair, I probably should have defined that a lot better, haha. By "proper horror" to me i mean like, actively trying to scare the player either through your classic jumpscares or through graphic scenes (think Junji Ito). If it largely just sticks to the psychological horror aspects with creepy/spooky moments then I'll probably be a-ok with it tbh.


'twould be a problem, no?

Also the game didn't let me pick a "neutral" face for the "death of my nemesis" thing. Outrageous.

Hey Garage Heathen!

I had a great time with this game, although I ran into a couple of weird issues with the Hierophant ending. First of all, the cutscene in Yu's office didn't load properly, it just went straight to the change in Lila's appearance (I won't say specifically because I don't want to spoil it). I didn't know there was meant to be a cutscene until I looked it up online. Also, even though I have the Hierophant card in the game, the achievement on Steam is still locked.

Not sure if this is an issue with the game or Steam, or if there's a solution. I just wanted to bring the issue to your attention.

Really enjoyed the game, though! Great job!

Hi, sorry for that, I'll look at what might be wrong - you were using the steam version, right?



This game is so so so wonderful, thank you for creating it!! Been completely obsessed with it for the last two days. 

Just wanted to ask -will the full OST be released by any chance? Been listening to the ones you put up on Soundcloud but I keep craving for more haha.


I adored this game! I bought it over on Steam and it's a solid favourite of mine. Lots to think about in terms of consciousness and philosophy too. The aesthetics were on point but I also kind of hate that this is one of the few games that go into this style because now I'll have to go bereft until something rare and new comes out... I'm still pondering the significance of some numbers that I found that I can't input anywhere... will tinker with the game when I replay it!

Also! I've been listening to the Who's Lila demo OST on repeat over on YouTube. Will you eventually be releasing the OST for listening somewhere? I'm very much willing to buy the full soundtrack if you're not releasing it for streaming. I'm obsessed with the boiler room song. 


Incredible game, go into it completely blind. The sheer scope and talent that went into making this freaky-wonky thing is inspiring! 

I am making a happy face to go with this comment.

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Hello! Just wanted to say thank you SO much for creating this! Like seriously, how'd you even come up with this?! Definitely one of my top favorite horror indie games!! It has a ton of layers, plus IT WAS SERIOUSLY THOUGHT PROVOKING. I absolutely loved the really unique mechanics, and the storytelling is amazing!! I can't really describe how good it is.. Best experienced blind! <3 

I also had to beg to my parents just to buy this game on Steam lol

(Very sorry for grammar errors, I am not good at English xD)

sorry to post it here but is there a way to load an autosave further than the last one?

Not really, unfortunately, there's only two slots for them currently

ah it's fine, I fixed it anyways. I got 4 endings so far and it's really good! 10/10

Wow what a stunner, it's so visually pleasing, really looking forward to picking it up

I absolutely love this game. I have said it many times now, but I truly love every little detail to it. The art style, the music, and the whole atmosphere. Delving into creepy, dark and unsettling places of the human mind. The writing is incredible on top of it as well ! a unique presentation ! It's absolutely breath taking. You can see how hard Garage Heathen put their love into making this. This is embedded to be one of my utmost favorites.

Who's Lila ? is a point and click puzzle adventure where you play as Will, a very complex character unable to show empathy and emotion. With the concept of facial manipulation to control and play to trigger different routes of the story.  Exploring and going deeper and deeper into the mind of Will, explore the many sides to our character. The lore will keep you engaged. You will have to play the game a few times to experience the story from multiple points to put together the story piece by piece. You may find yourself skipping parts of the story and then later on have it linked to another part of the story for things to start clicking and weave out and expand this web. It's very much it's own unique story filled with twists and different outcomes to progress the plot. You finish one story, you are given new unlocked items to progress the story further. There's so much content crammed into this game. With 15 different endings. You also find yourself pondering and questioning over and over again and just when you thought you had it solved, there's plenty more into the mind of Will. It's incredibly immersive and shows how the human mind can be incredibly manipulative and play with people's emotions. Seeing what humans are capable of while also being complex. It also does a great job with using different colour palettes to convey what is being presented in the atmosphere of what's about to happen.

You will find yourself endlessly playing this as it will have you playing at hours at a time. The game does a great job of you almost wanting to connect with the character that feels real. 

Every detail to this game has me in absolute awe. An intense trip and exploration. Delving into the deep thoughts how humans are just very complex.

I was also wanting to ask, if there is possibly a release of the OST of Who's Lila?

I LOVE the music. it's very melancholy and mean this in the best way.

Again, I have so much admiration for this title and am so happy I tried it out for myself as I have been encouraging others to try it out for themselves.

Thanks for creating this world and sharing it with us. <3 

This looks absolutely fascinating and damn original! I installed the demo and played a bit, but I'm gonna wait for my paycheck to land during the next week and get the full game and play it properly! :) Congrats on the release!

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