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Who's Lila? is a reverse-detective point-and-click adventure. It is an AI-powered choice-driven game, where instead of choosing dialogue options, you have full control over the character's face. 

Will you solve the enigmatic mystery? Will you be able to tackle your own emotions in pursuit of your mysterious goals? And finally, will you find the answer to the ultimate question - Who is Lila

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1697700/Whos_Lila/

Quality of life:

  • You can turn on teleporting through doors on double click in the settings
  • Press space to highlight all interactbales

Official Soundtrack available below!

Contact me: 

E-mail: il.sushin@yandex.ru

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeathenGarage 

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/developer/GarageHeathen

Press Kit: https://whoslila-press.carrd.co/


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After playing the demo on Steam, I love what I'm seeing, but I feel like in most scenes in the demo, actually having a character walk the scene is worsening the experience. In closer shots, your back takes up a significant part the playable area so, and finding transitions between camera angles can be challenging.

But I loved what I played enough to leave this comment, so I'm waiting for more.

Olá pode trazer uma versão para Android?


this is so so so good

Show post...

creepy weird lol

Thanks for playing!


Not sure if this is a problem with my computer somehow but the demo is very broken for me. During the emotion recognition parts it gets stuck and won't advance. Doesn't freeze or crash just stays stuck where it should be recognizing an emotion and moving forward. I can press other buttons and open menus but can't exit dialogue or do anything else.

hi, sorry to hear that! Please send me an e-mail here - GarageHeathen@yandex.ru, there's been a couple cases with a similar problem

Great game, especially the art style, and the game appears to be heavily influenced by World of Horror. The game is somewhat difficult for me because, like most people, I have never played anything like this before, except ofc briefly for character customisation in games. Also, while playing the game I caught myself making faces in real life while desperately trying to contort the face of the character, haha!

Typo Bug: I managed to spot a spelling error while talking to Jimmy Stew "Maybe you need to Chill and let her life her life, man." I think it needs to be "live her life, man". 

Steam link: Don't know why the steam link goes though youtube weird. 


Thank you very much for playing and feedback! World of horror was definetely one of the influences artistically, as well as Sonoshee's Critters for sale (recommend to check it out!)

Will be fixing the typo and steam link today, sorry for that haha

Cool, thanks for the recommendation. Critters for Sale looks very nice but might give me epilepsy xD and best of luck for your release, will keep an eye out for it. 



Hello! I downloaded this, but unfortunately couldn't get it to work using Wine. I saw a couple of Let's Plays, though, and it's deeply intriguing and fascinating, so I'm happy to help support this unique project!

That said, I was wondering: I read below that you were willing to consider an Android release. Is there any chance that there'll be a Mac release, as well?


Hi! I've been struggling with the Mac's release due to Emgu CV's external libraries - I will definetely try to release it on Mac by February (or earlier hopefully!!) 


Babe wake up. "Who's Lila? Demo" got released

Will there be an Android version?

Hi, I'm not sure, but it is a possibility, depending on how well the reception is!


That's alright! I hope there'll be an Android version though.

I'll keep it in mind! 


Just saw Manly's video on this, the entire concept is incredible! I can't wait to play the demo, I wishlisted it immediately <3

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Can't wait for the demo! Just watched ManlyBadassHero's play, it looks really promising. Out of curiosity, which program did was used to develop the game?


Hi! Glad you liked it, I use Unity


When Return of the Obra Dinn meet a point and click


The game style reminds me of critters for sale. Can't wait to play this :D


Yeah, Sonoshee's work was definetely one of the inspirations!


Love your work. If you ever need playtesters I would totally be down to help!


Thanks! I'll keep that in mind 


I am Uzumaki on Steam, just so you know :D