NEW RELEASE DATE and other Who's Lila? news

Who's Lila? is coming out February 23.

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay, I hope you can wait a little longer.

Who's Lila is ready content-wise, the debug phase is also near its end.

Both Spanish and Russian translations are ready, with the Chinese translation being at about 60% completion.

The game will feature:

  • 15 endings
  • Steam Achievements
  • Unlockable palettes
  • 50 + tracks
  • arg elements
  • and more!

The Demo Saves are not going to be compatible with the final game, unfortunately.

Who's Lila? will be entering IndieCup, Winter Season 2022!

IndieCup is the largest indie games competition in Eastern Europe - if you are n Eastern-European dev, I recommend you check it out! The application period closes in mid-February, so you still have time.


Next up:

10. Feb - Trailer release + new page

Stay tuned!


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yes sir let's gooooooo

I don't mind the later release date! good luck owo

Ty! <3