Who's Lila? Release date!

It's been a long year

Sorry for the lack of devlogs here, on Itch! 
The game is progressing as planned and will be released on 15. February! 

What's done:

The entirety of the in-game content is ready. All I'm doing now is debugging and adding details here and there.

The three localizations, Spanish, Chinese and Russian are coming along as well - they are about 50% ready!

Meanwhile - don't forget to wishlist Who's Lila? on Steam!


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Been waiting the game for some time and just tried the demo it looks awesome! can't wait for the game to be fully released :D How much will the game cost?


The full price is going to be $12, but there'll be a discount at launch + a free key giveaway


This looks very cool owo

I tried the demo and I have Thoughts, but I'll hold off till the full release 

I can't wait!

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Ty! Neither can I! This whole thing has been so enjoyable. Hope you guys will also find it interesting <3