Who's Lila Demo is out!

Who's Lila Demo is out!

"It's difficult for me to express emotions.
I envy other people. They make faces naturally, but I have to make a conscious decision each time I move a muscle.
Every morning I go to the bathroom to rehearse what my face is going to show today. 

Who's Lila? is a reverse-detective point-and-click adventure. It is an AI-powered choice-driven game, where instead of choosing dialogue options, you have full control over the character's face.
Will you solve the enigmatic mystery? Will you be able to tackle your own emotions in pursuit of your mysterious goals?
And finally, will you find the answer to the ultimate question - Who is Lila?

Note: if you encounter an emotion detected wrong - please feel free to screenshot it and send it to me (preferrably by this e-mail: GarageHeathen@yandex.ru)

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