Major Update! Schastye v1.2.0 is out now!

Schastye is out!

A game previously called "A Short Story" got an update!

It's also on Steam now, so check it out:

What's new:

  • German, Russian and English localizations!
  • More stuff to interact with
  • Major UI adjustments
  • Text edits
  • Bug fixes

Why is it no more free?

A while ago I've sold the rights to this game to Nikita Kaf Publishing. While maintaing my right to distribute the game here on itch,

I am no longer able to set a price that is less than the price of the game on Steam. This also means that all of the income from Steam is going not to me, but to the publisher, Nikita Kaf.  

As an apology of sorts, you get the OST, containing all my songs for the game, for free. 

Will it only be for Windows?

Nope, the Linux and Mac builds are coming too

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97 days ago

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